18 October 2017 thesaxxon 0

summervibes giving you that great beachlife with surfing and beautiful biinigirls on this wet wednesday



16 October 2017 thesaxxon 0

workoutmotivation to help you reach your fitnessgoals and live a healthier, better and longer life in that perfect shape for more on fitness, click here

gym motivation


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gymmotivation, if you need that little extra motivation to start exercising. read the motivational quotes and look at the fit girls working out and you […]


transformation tuesday

3 October 2017 thesaxxon 0

transformation tuesday showing you some examples of people who turned their lives around towards a healthier lifestyle making them feel better and fitter



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gymmotivation on monday is helping you to reach your goals and stay on track on your journey to a healthier lifestyle

bowhunting images

29 September 2017 thesaxxon 0

bowhunting images as the season begins, beautiful trophies, camo, bows and crossbows are featured here


27 September 2017 thesaxxon 0

summervibes as most days of summer have gone by, we keep the memory alive with these boards and bikinis that are living the dream


25 September 2017 thesaxxon 0

gymmotivation, it can help you reach your goals, never give up because of slow progress, slow progress is still progress

mangear, be awesome

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mangear, be awesome and set the example for generations to come. work with your hands and do stuff oldschoolstyle, being a gentleman at all times.

gone fishing

22 September 2017 thesaxxon 0

gone fishing, it brings you peace of mind and therefore is a great stressrelief, just try it